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Grayson Allen, HB2, and more: Rival Review




Grayson Allen, HB2, and more: Rival Review

A weekly round-up of all things Duke and Durham


Greetings citizens of Duke, and welcome to The Rival Review.

This break, The Rival Duke will be gathering the latest Duke and Durham news and putting it all together in one place, just for you. So if you’re looking to stay up to date on Duke happenings over break, look no further. Or, if you’re like me and now that the holidays are over you’re just desperately waiting for 2016 to end, here’s something to read to help you pass the time.

Grayson Allen being Grayson Allen

Yup, we’re starting with this. By now, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about Grayson’s “trip heard round the world.” If not, what you need to know is that Grayson Allen tripped opposing player Stephen Santa Ana during their game against Elon, earned a technical foul for it, and then proceeded to have a total meltdown.

This received national attention because 1) it’s Grayson Allen, one of the nation's top players 2) it’s Duke and 3) this isn’t the first time he’s been called out for tripping someone during a game. (For his two other notable trips, watch this tripping compilation.)

Grayson reportedly apologized to Santa Ana after the game, and told the media, "I made a really bad play. I’m sorry to Santa Ana, sorry to the officials who have to call that, sorry to the team because it’s selfish and taking away from them… I’m not proud of it at all."

Coach K *kneels and bows arms* responded by saying:

"What Grayson did was unacceptable, but I thought our whole team lost their composure... Grayson apologized [to Santa Ana], and he should. That's not something you should do, and he got punished. Turned the game around."

Allen received an “indefinite suspension” following the game, but most analysts don’t think this will last longer than three games.

**UMD also wrote this satirical article about the suspension. Read if you want a good laugh.

Women’s Basketball has been kicking ass

Despite the recent attention Men’s Basketball has received, the No. 17 ranked Women’s Basketball team is on a 7-game winning streak, which includes an impressive win over No. 3 South Carolina--Duke’s first win against a top-five team since December 2013.

Currently on a holiday break, Duke returns to Cameron to play No. 18 Kentucky at 7pm, which you can watch here. This will mark the start of a tough four game stretch in which they face three top ranked opponents across their next four games, leading up to a rivalry showdown against UNC on January 12th.

Keep killing it ladies. #DDMF

Duke joins the American Talent Initiative

In other uplifting news, Duke has joined 29 other leading private and public universities in the American Talent Initiative, an effort to expand access to college for talented lower-income students.

The goal, according to their website, is “attract, enroll, and graduate an additional 50,000 lower-income students at the 270 colleges and universities that consistently graduate at least 70 percent of their students in six years” by 2025.

Duke’s addition to this initiative follows its announcement of need-blind admissions for undocumented students, a policy cited by Mi Gente as “a change that has been years in the making.”

North Carolina fails to repeal HB2 and is no longer considered a democracy!

You read that right.

The North Carolina Legislature seemed to have finally come to their senses and made a deal to repeal HB2 (the controversial state law allowing for legal discrimination against LGBTQ folk and requiring transgender individuals to use the bathroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate), but in a frustrating and not totally unforeseen turn of events... the deal fell through.

To add to the shitstorm that is NC politics, North Carolina can apparently no longer be classified as a full democracy, according to Andrew Reynolds, Associate Professor of Political Science at the UNC.

According to Reynolds, “North Carolina’s overall electoral integrity score of 58/100 for the 2016 election places us alongside authoritarian states and pseudo-democracies like Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone.”

Way to really cap off 2016, North Carolina.

The End.

And that’s all folks! Congrats on having reading a 700-word article over winter break. We’re so proud!

If you’re feeling reeally frisky, go check out this dope holiday video by DefMo. Thanks and happy holidays! See ya in 2017 (thank god).