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"Self Care Is..."

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"Self Care Is..."

Let's end stigma surrounding getting help for symptoms of mental illness.


At a place like Duke, it's difficult to show vulnerability. Yet, in a survey we conducted 2 weeks ago, 27% of respondents indicated that they took prescription medication to alleviate symptoms of mental illness. We knew that a factor as important as mental health on campus needed to be discussed in a powerful way.

For many dealing with mental illness or personal struggles, however, the reality is that taking medication is not a "magic fix"; for different people, different practices will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

That's how our project, "Self Care Is...", formed. By examining the variety of practices Duke students use to relieve stress and promote wellbeing, we hope to celebrate the many different paths to happiness.

As a result, we asked a group of Duke students to share how they practice self care to relieve stress or symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We hope that you're stirred by these photos, that they give you inspiration if you're working on your happiness, and, most importantly, that they give you strength in knowing that you're not alone.

Check out some of our highlights.

1. "Self Care is valuing myself independently of how others do."

2. "Self Care is 'me time.'"

3. "Self Care is pilates."

4. "Self Care is meditation."

5. "Self Care is drawing."

6. "Self Care is painting."

7. "Self Care is working out."

8. "Self Care is playing calming games."